Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated on: Wednesday 1st April 2020

Managing Director

A message from our Managing Director

At Itineris, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and business as usual during the outbreak. We will also be publishing content to help digital marketers ready their organisations to emerge from this period of uncertainty stronger than ever.

We’ll be adding new articles and links to this page so check back regularly for the latest updates.

Itineris has a thorough business continuity plan which in the event the availability of any of our locations are impacted will be enacted. Our business continuity plan takes many factors into consideration including how we serve customers and maintaining security & quality compliance.

Read our full business continuity plan.

Some ideas to help you through Covid-19

McDonalds Coronavirus Message

Preserving your site’s SEO through the crisis

It is essential that you communicate any business changes to your customers, and there are literally hundreds of ways to do this on your website and other channels. But some of these could cause long-lasting damage to your organic search engine visibility.

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Alerting your users – pop-ups and more…

Adding time-sensitive alerts or notifications to your website doesn’t have to be a lengthy process. In this post we round up the best pop-up, sticky footers and hello bar solutions to add an urgent message to your site quickly.

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