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Case study

A large scale digital campaign to drive footfall to the
Play Well exhibition.



To raise awareness and to increase footfall of the Play Well exhibition through online digital marketing.


impressions over the campaign period
Advert clicks across all devices
extremely low avg. CPC
CTR after vigorous optimisation and the use of advanced targeting tactics

How did we do it?


Wellcome Collection, a free library, and museum located in central London is working to unite science with medicine, arts, and life that too free of cost.


Play has been an important part of an individual’s life whether it be a child, young, or an adult. However, the importance of games is unknown to many.

A lot of people play well, but don’t know how important it actually is. For this purpose, we invite you to consider the importance of playing games and their impact on your lives.

The aim of this project was to increase the visitors to the exhibition.


Play Well is aware of the importance of sports in guiding children and society. Games play an important role in character building and trait development and to study this relationship, Play Well is using conventional toys, paintings, games, and other forms of art. The roleplay by Adam James is the main highlight of the exhibition along with digital games, artwork, and temporary toys.

Play Well also recognises the importance of this digital transformation and created an enchanting advertisement attracting both adults and children. This ravishing content had taken the viewers in their imaginations, imagining themselves in the exhibition. The main concept of creativity can only be understood by comprehending the thought process of an individual who can engage with the help of mere figures, shapes, sports, and games.

A look into the empty Play Well exhibition hall with paintings and objects on display
Miniature plastic replica of a farm including animals, fences and trucks
Miniature straw and paper replica of a children playing in a kindergarden
Photograph of an exhibition display case with a bright yellow base. Inside the case are several small wooden toys in various shapes and 6 balls of coloured wool.
3 people putting a part of the exhbition display together
A man in a suit leaning against the wall watching a video in the exhibition hall
Close up of an early edition box of LEGO displayed in the exhibition.
A close up of an exhbition case with a Barbie doll and Ken doll from the 1970s next to a posted about Igor Vamos' Barbie Liberation Organization.


The effect of play was formed by creating basic stop-move animations by using bright and contrasting colour drawing the attention of the users. Creating stop-motion animation can be an obstacle for some but not for us. We created the animations using layer delays. Different shapes with contrasting colours were used to gain the concentration of the users.

Shapes and objects were used to recreate the action and emotion of playing.


Ads were uploaded on Instagram and Facebook along with the display ads on Google and Bing with promising results. The exhibition was halted due to COVID-19.