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Case study

Combining SEO and PPC to increase search brand awareness and new client enquiries.

We have worked with Itineris for over five years, they designed and develop our website and work with us on our SEO optimisation. They are transparent in their costings, innovative in design and get the job done!
― Joanne Briton, Marketing Manager, Mullis & Peake



Grow brand visibility and generate enquiries for key services lines through a combined SEO and PPC search engine marketing strategy.


increased organic visibility
over page view target
increased website traffic
over industry average CTR
search traffic conversion rate

How did we do it?


Mullis & Peake wanted to increase the awareness of a key service line and generate enquiries for that service from potential new clients. The level of search demand was easy to establish, but the case for investing in SEO was unproven as no data was held on the propensity of visitors from search to convert.


Our aim was to drive and convert highly relevant search traffic to an engaging and conversion-focused landing page, in order to assess whether investing in SEO could generate new client enquiries cost-effectively.



Itineris evaluated the behaviour of search traffic to the site, and identified clear opportunities to differentiate Mullis & Peake’s offering in this area against the most visible organic and paid search competitors.

We then used PPC to rapidly drive relevant traffic to our landing page and assess the viability of longer-term SEO plans. We delivered a funnel-based search engine marketing strategy encompassing strong SEO foundations, targeted PPC activity, lead generating content and detailed reporting.


Adding biddable to our ongoing SEO strategy was a game changer and allowed us to gain immediate and targeted search engine visibility in the chosen service area, learn from the behaviour of this traffic, and prove or disprove the business case for further investment in content development and search engine optimisation.

Differentiating from the competition and targeting all stages of the funnel not only drove great results for this campaign and service line, but also increased awareness and preference for the Mullis & Peake brand. Our approach grew organic visibility, increased traffic from search and delivered an exceptionally high conversion rate.