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Case study

A full rebrand across the whole corporate lifecycle to elevate the firm.

To build online national brand awareness under the FRP Advisory brand as an established business advisory firm with a focus on finding solutions, creating value, rescue and recovery.
increase of monthly unique users
Alexa rank up from 7.1m to 2.5m
CRO up 6%, from 1% to
nearly 7%
General enquires via the
website have doubled
increase in the number of
returning visitors

How did we do it?

About our client

FRP provide solutions to create, preserve and recover value across a range of complex situations. They are a leading national business advisory firm that get under the skin of businesses in complex and difficult situations. With over 400 members of staff and 56 partners, we have a deep understanding of why crises happen and how to find a way out.

We started with research

Working closely with the FRP marketing team we analysed the competitive digital landscape, benchmarking FRP’s current success against that of our competitors; carried out keyword research to inform service terminology and to enable us to build a new website site map; analysed their current brand and conducted a competitor brand review to inform their future brand positioning strategy; and finally we analysed their existing tone of voice and mapped competitors’ language and tone to inform our verbal brand strategy.


Let’s explore what’s outside the box

Across our journey with FRP, the box has been a big thing, but it was time to break free, push the boundaries and start exploring a simpler, refined and cleaner brand.

After removing the word ‘Advisory’ and the red box, we tidied up the FRP typeface. Everything from defining specific anchor points and spacing, to making sure we had symmetry in certain parts of the lettering, for example the angles.

Colour palettes to suit a new look

After exploring a whole range of colour combinations, checking accessibility and application, we landed on a well worked mixture of neutral and vibrant tones.

Retaining the FRP red (slightly tweaked it!), the dark blue arose (used across headings and key messaging), and soon we had ourselves a professional feeling palette

Patterns and shapes gave a strong identity

The chevron! It’s a great shape; adaptable, versatile in its use and so contrasting. Be it as an overlay, masked with an image and placed within a card, the chevron was a symbol to be proud of. We created an angle specific side bar featured across branded cards, custom icons and speech shapes.

Consistent online UI patterns, flexible social presence and eye-catching collateral

Across the brand you’ll see a clean typeface matched with subtle, neutral backgrounds and bold imagery. Tint overlays on images with contrasting secondary colours on top made up social cards, event invites and other collateral.

Printed material saw the use of all the primary colours, the chevron and specifically sized imagery, resulting in contrasting, clean and professional looking brochures, packs and leaflets.

Highly recommended. Exceptional agency.
― Laura West, National Marketing Director