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Case study

A creative campaign for a blockbuster exhibition in the heart of London


Working with


To raise awareness and to increase footfall of the Smoke and Mirrors exhibition through online digital marketing.


over footfall target
over page view target
over industry average CTR on Facebook
average CTR on Display focussed targeting

How did we do it?


We created a digital campaign to run alongside Wellcome’s London-based out of home advertising, undertaken by AKA agency. Wellcome was looking to utilise their existing static creative and curate an engaging and dynamic campaign to drive awareness, traffic to the site and ultimately gallery footfall in an effective integrated campaign.

About our client

The Wellcome Collection wanted to promote its blockbuster exhibition Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic. In the heart of London and a busy exhibition sphere, Wellcome needed to create a standout campaign to attract visitors to their exhibition space.


Our digital campaign was centred upon the exhibition structure, and the objects displayed within each section. The campaign was structured to separate the two audiences identified by Wellcome’s audience research. As the two audiences were at the heart of the campaign, we curated messaging which would engage them based upon our audience research.

We ran our campaign across Google Display, Facebook and Instagram and sent traffic to the exhibition landing page. We created a number of elements including skyscraper adverts, MPU, leaderboard adverts and social stories. We worked in partnership with AKA to provide a seamless campaign that covered digital, outdoor and print for the Smoke & Mirrors exhibition.


Using the static creative design created by Wellcome Collection and a series of ‘burst’ photographs, we created a number of animated digital advertising elements to align with the multi channel campaign strategy.

We created ads including skyscraper, MPU and leaderboard for Display, and in feed and stories for Paid Social. We worked closely with Wellcome Collection to creatively align the outdoor, print and digital advertising.

A close up of an exhibit display case which inside has an open wooden box containing string, buttons and other small trinkets
An exhibition glass case containing a thumb print in solidified wax.
An exhibition glass case displaying a set of Telepatha cards  and the box that they would put in.
A large colourful poster promoting Carter the Great in a glass case.
A zoom in of an exhibit wall with pictures frames hanging on it containing posters about Maskelyne and Cookes Egyptian hall.
A white wall 15 picture frames with black and white photos breaking down from start to finish a man performing a magic trick.


Using Wellcome Collection’s audience research, tailored messaging and exciting creative, we ran campaigns across Google Display, Facebook and Instagram. With the exciting creative and integrated approach, we collectively drove the highest footfall in a summer season to the gallery and made it a successful blockbuster exhibition.