Developing a complete digital strategy

The phrase ‘digital marketing,’ has now become just ‘marketing.’ Now is the time to develop a strategy that encompasses all digital spheres to gain maximum online impact.

So what should you considered?

Website – The core of your strategy, this has a direct impact on all the other strands of marketing so it is vital you site works…

Offline – Your offline marketing will drive traffic to your website, build your social media following and grow your email marketing audience…

Social media – Your social media streams are not only important as additional ways in which your audience can get in contact with you and share opinion… It is also a key vehicle to drive traffic to your website and encourage sign-ups to your email marketing. Your social activity has a direct impact on your SEO by authenticating your business and increasing your online authority could see an improvement in rankings.

Email marketing – Still a vital component to any marketing strategy… encourage your audience to share, like and tweet your emails to increase your potential outreach.

SEO – Has an impact on all of your online marketing, if you do not appear on the first page of Google for your keywords people will not find you, if they can’t find you then they will sign up to receive your e-newsletter and they will not like, tweet or connect with you through your social channels… simples!

Written by

Analytics & Insight Manager

Josh Crawford
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