Sustainable development is the centrepiece

Sustainable development was a centrepiece of London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. From decisions on how suppliers and sponsorship partners are chosen, to promoting appropriate training and long term employment opportunities and tackling global issues such as climate change, the London Games is set to make history. 

The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 was launched on 23 January 2007 to advise the Olympic Board and report to the public on sustainable development across the entire Games programme whilst independently assuring London's 2012 pledge to host the most sustainable Games to date and its legacy.

Sustainable development is much more than the latest environmental catchphrase or just about thinking green.  Sustainable development is broadly about addressing social, economic and environmental issues in the round, always considering how decisions will affect current and future generations.

itineris were engaged to develop a strong, engaging brand that encapsulated the complex inter-dependent nature of sustainability and befitted the status of the organisation.  The timescales were extremely short and we managed to deliver an initial brochure and temporary website for the roundtable event hosted by the Prime Minister at No. 10 Downing Street marking 2012 days until the London Olympics.  

We then worked with stakeholders to evolve the brand to create a highly usable and accessible website that provides an online presence and forms a platform for future development and activities.

Shaun McCarthy, Chair, Commission of a Sustainable London 2012 was delighted with the results: "itineris have helped us to create a compelling brand and imagery in a short space of time to inspire a long term sustainable legacy".

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