New Technology CADCAM Limited has 20 years’ experience of helping engineers and product designers make inspirational, ground breaking high quality products better, faster and more cost-effectively. Positioned as one of the UK’s leading CAD & CAM software resellers, New Technology CADCAM provides industry insight and advice coupled with innovative products and solutions to some of the country’s leading organisations.

The challenge

Diversification between resellers is a difficult thing. Maximising USP’s in a geographically restricted sales territory is also challenging prospect but one that The New Technology Group and Itineris successfully tackled. Repositioning New Technology to appeal to new buyers whilst maintaining existing relationships with their customer base was essential in generating sales pipeline and upselling current clients.

  • Approach

    Selling to a more senior audience is always considered the Holy Grail but doing this when you have a very user focused, technical product can be difficult. Itineris devised a strategy that allowed New Technology CADCAM to elevate their offering to appeal to a business audience whilst still providing the ‘feet on the ground’ expertise to the majority user base. The creation of a the new look website allowed dedicated areas for business and industry challenges whilst retaining informational content useful to the design and engineering communities.

  • Deliverables

    Combining AdWords and display remarketing activity with email and optimised website landing pages we were able to tailor messages and behaviour to our segmented customer base. The process allowed the New Technology CADCAM to move prospects through the sales cycle in a more efficient manner which ultimately converted prospects that were ready to buy, whilst nurturing those that were still considering their purchase.

    The user behaviour data was then used in future marketing campaign to decide what products and service the user might be interested in whilst reducing the amount of burnt data.

  • Results

    Significant increase in sales opportunities with Q4 sales result being the best in the Company’s History.

    Website statistics are also up from the previous incarnation with bounce rates down 16% and dwell time up 68%.