Better Extreme

Better is a part of Greenwich Leisure Limited – the charitable social enterprise dedicated to giving the public access to affordable facilities that improve health and happiness. Better Extreme is a dedicated urban brand that specialises in adrenaline sports such as Skateboarding, BMX, trampolining and indoor climbing through a growing network of indoor, safe, customer built facilities.

The challenge

Launching the Better Extreme brand was a challenge as the Better identity is more synonymous with tradition health and fitness such as swimming and gym facilities. The target audience largely focused around the younger generation including students, extreme sports enthusiasts and families with young children which required a totally different look, feel, tone of voice and communication strategy. In addition we needed to convince our target audience to pay to use our facilities rather than free, public skate parks.

  • Approach

    Marketing to a younger audience can be difficult especially for a corporate organisation. In order not to come across as patronising or contrived we relaxed the corporate identity, Tone of Voice and image style of the website. Making sure that the site was easy to navigate and interact with via mobile devices was paramount to the success of the project. Social media was highlighted as a key driver for engagement so integrating a social wall encouraged user generated content and interaction.

  • Deliverables

    Connecting with the target audience was key when scoping the project which yielded some great results. A fully responsive website that is orientated towards mobile usage as well as fully integrated social wall so users can post up their ‘extreme’ pictures helped engage and grow the user base for the centre.

  • Results

    The site is now an establish destination for extreme sports enthusiasts which drives over 50k visitors per months of which 45% are returning users.

    A second venue has been launched in Swindon under the extreme brand with further expansion planned over the coming months.

    The site has also won industry recognition = Gold Winner - Davy Awards – Best Sports Website