Founded in 2001, 7Safe provides high quality Information security services to government and private organisations ranging from certified training courses through to cyber security testing and forensic investigation. Headquartered in Cambridge 7Safe undertakes high profile consultancy projects for a number of the UK’s leading law firms, police forces and organisations as well as being called upon facilitate international digital forensics cases and cyber-attacks. Acquired by PA Consulting in 2011 7Safe provides IT Security expertise to lager blue chip consulting projects.

The challenge

Although Cyber Security is a term that is in the news almost on a daily basis, there are a vast number of products and services that fall under this umbrella term. Previously 7Safe marketed their products and services individually through a series of dedicated microsites. The challenge with this approach was that the customer base identified 7Safe with one offer so the change to cross sell other services proved to be difficult.

  • Approach

    Our challenge was to effectively integrate the siloed service offerings into one cohesive website. In addition in light of several high profile security breaches Cyber Security is now becoming an issue at board room level so elevating the messaging and dedicated content to a senior decision maker also needed to be considered when scoping the information architecture for the site.

  • Deliverables

    After facilitating a 2 day strategy workshop, it was agreed that new content areas were required on the website which were dedicated to a more senior audience which didn’t discourage 7Safe’s existing customer base.

    After initial benchmarking we also undertook a series of conversation rate optimisation for training course by implementing more user friendly booking forms and progressive data capture.

    To promote key training roadshows a series of customised emails were produced and broadcast out to a segmented base.

  • Results

    The new website has opened up several larger consulting opportunities with PA Consulting and has started to cross sell services between the 2 groups.

    Email interactions are yielding 65% greater engagement rates than industry averages and visitors are viewing 71% more pages per session than before indicating that users are browsing more than one of 7Safe’s services.