Good display advertising supercharges your marketing campaign and immediately gets your product displayed on the right websites that are the most relevant to your offerings. With the right keywords, placements and banner ads, display advertising has the potential to put your brand in front of thousands of new customers from day one.

As a Google Adwords and Analytics Partner, Itineris can help your company develop and deliver effective display advertising that hits the mark.

Our promise is simple: we’ll give you an excellent return on investment and market your product or service to the right kind of customer, at the right time.

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Why Your Company Should Choose Google Display Advertising

Business owners understand the benefits of getting a product right in front of the people who are most likely to buy it. With Google Display Advertising, including video advertising, you:

  • get a highly-targeted approach to marketing based on specific keywords, interests or topics
  • see an ad that appears immediately
  • only pay when someone clicks on your banner ad
  • can control your budget by limiting the number of clicks
  • influence your ROI to get the most out of your marketing budget.

A Google Display campaign will reach a wide range of people who will be interested in your product. But unless you understand the complexities of banner advertising, it can be a difficult thing to accomplish. To succeed, you need the help of a great display specialist. That’s where Itineris come in.

Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experts will work closely with your business to develop a display advertising strategy that delivers a great ROI and gets customers straight to your digital door.

How does Google Display Advertising work?

Online advertising banners have been around for a long time but are still an effective means of reaching your customer. Here are some of the targeting methods used:

  • Websites – choose the right website where you want your ads to appear (placement)
  • Content – choosing pages based on their content (keywords selection)
  • People – targeting people based on their interests rather than the page content

Choosing the right targeting method is essential for a successful Google Display Advertising campaign. Persuasive ad copy is vital for improving click through rates and conversions on your site, as well as relevant content on the destination page. Suddenly, the process doesn’t seem so simple after all. You need a display management team who know what they are doing.

Where Do Your Ads Appear?

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Your display ads could appear on Google Display Network, which reaches approx. 90% of Internet users worldwide, consisting of millions of websites, blogs, news pages and more.

Our expert display consultants know how to choose the right approach to land your display ad in right place and make the most of your marketing budget.

How We Target Your Display Ads?

The first step is to understand your business and target audience, then our display management team research the most competitive keywords in your field, choose the best targeting method and create meaningful and efficient campaigns.

  • Our experience means we know the good keywords from the bad.
  • We write and design influential ad copy that gets potential customers clicking onto your website.
  • We combine this with the right landing page copy that further improves your chance of sales conversion.
  • We work within your budget to deliver the best results, constantly evaluating campaign analytics and evolving copy and keywords based on those insights.

Why hire the Experts at Itineris?

We are specialists in all aspects of PPC including paid search, video advertising and display remarketing. We can deliver a responsive campaign that includes:

  • Budget allocations
  • Channel selection
  • Online goal set up
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad design and creation
  • Bid management
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Reporting and analysis

That’s everything you need to create a successful display advertising campaign that delivers results in quick time. We can also help you with remarketing, a powerful tool for encouraging previous visitors to your site and giving them extra motivation to buy your product or service.

We’re friendly and approachable, and we won’t blind you with science – what you’ll get with Itineris is the full focus of our display management team, a great campaign that works within your current budget and conversion results that make a big difference to your bottom line.

Contact us today to find out more.