In an ever-evolving digital world email marketing remains a core channel for online activity.

Cost effective marketing

Current email technology communications can be as advanced or as simple as you like, from a simple plain text notification to a mailable microsite with moving and interactive components.

Email marketing is a tried and tested marketing tactic. It is relatively cost effective to set up and by segmenting your database and tailoring your campaigns they can achieve a high return on investment.

Strategy and campaign management

With the popularity of email marketing it doesn't take long for your inbox to fill up and messages become lost. It's therefore vital that marketers understand the basics to ensure their communications don't become invisible. Factors to consider include ensuring your database is categorised, your subject line attention grabbing and your content relevant to the audience. The day and time you send out the campaign can even affect the success of your campaign.


Mobile ready

With 53% of all emails now opened on mobile devices it is more important than ever to make sure your mailers are accessible on any device. All our email templates are built to be responsive and work across a range of devices including smartphones and tablets. We also build retina ready campaigns for clear, sharp imagery on retina devices.


Advanced email marketing

The rise of mobile browsing has also opened up a range of new technologies for email marketers. We have the technical skills to implement a wide variety of techniques, ranging from animated GIFs and countdown timers, to carousels and navigation menus.


Multiple email marketing platforms

The recent increase in email popularity has seen a huge number of email marketing platforms enter the market. There are generally three levels of email platforms available - proprietary systems that are perfect for sending out regular emails to small-medium sized databases, specialist e-marketing systems such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp and plugin systems that are included as part of a CRM. We can advise on which system would best suit your requirements and have the knowledge to create templates and implement strategies for your platform of choice.


Analysis and evalutation

Key to continuous success with email marketing is evaluation. We ensure that all our campaigns are completely trackable, enabling us to recognise trends and build on successes.