Recognising the need for a digital marketing strategy is just the first step, actually putting one together is an entirely different undertaking!

Where to start

Knowing where to start can be a very daunting task, but it doesn't have to be a stressful one as we are here to guide you through every step of the process. We can facilitate bespoke strategy workshops that give you the tools and confidence to put together your own comprehensive marketing strategy or can act as an extension to your marketing department by producing an actionable plan for you to implement.

Marketing strategies can take various guises depending on your business and marketing objectives, so understanding these will determine if you need to focus your efforts and budget on social media or whether a content marketing strategy is more applicable. Our robust approach focuses on five main pillars that make up a marketing strategy:


Who are your target audience and what is your unique selling point? It important to bear in mind what marketing activities have you carried out in the past and has it worked? It can be a useful insight to see your what your competitors have been doing.

Digital Strategy Evaluate


Most importantly, what do you want to achieve and do these align with your business objectives? What does success look like for your business and have you got marketing key performance indicators in place?

Digital strategy objectives

Multi-channel strategy

Ask yourself how are we going to achieve these objectives? Have you decided which channels are best to engage with your audience? What tactics are you going to use?

Digital strategy multi channel approach


Who is going to execute the plan and do you have the correct resource in-house? Its helpful to establish what is a priority and what is a nice to have?

Digital strategy implementation


What does success look like and what has provided the best return on investment? How can we improve the performance of future campaigns?

Digital strategy measuring