Design is not all about looking good - it has to work too! We combine design and strategy to create an end product that not only looks great, but also delivers results.

User interface & user experience

Whether an e-commerce website, a marketing campaign or a mobile app, we aim for the best possible user experience (UX) across all browsers and devices in order to achieve the best end result for your organisation.

Audience evaluation

Before even considering the design of the new website, it is imperative that we fully understand the needs of each target audience to ensure that we address them all in a single website.

To obtain an in-depth understanding of each audience we have a unique interactive exercise called ACE. ACE clearly identifies your range of target Audiences and maps them against the Content to be promoted on the site, and Experience or action we want your audience to take when online.

Post it notes of audience evaluation

Persona creation

During this process we generate personas of your target audiences. This helps us get in the mind set of the various audiences, understand where they live online and validate our ideas against each audience’s requirements.

Creating an auidience persona

User journey

Each audience will require different information and experiences from the same website. Clearly thought out user journeys will make it easier for site visitors to find relevant information as well as providing opportunities for cross promotion through-out the site.

Creating a user journey for your audience

Wireframe development

Creation of simple wireframes allows for the development of variations of a layout, to maintain design consistency throughout the site. This is an important part of the initial development stage because it creates user expectations, and helps develop familiarity with the site.

Wireframe development

Audience involvement concept voting

The only way to prove a concept is to test it. With audience involment we place the concepts in a secure staging area and gather feedback from your target audience. We test both initial impression as well as ability to follow the desired customer journeys.

Testing concepts with audience voting