We understand that your brand is so much more than just a logo.

Your first touchpoint

Your brand positions you within the market and differentiates you from your competitors. It is the connection between you and your clients and is often the first touch point in creating long standing customers.

Brand development

Our talented design team can work with you to create anything from a simple logo, right through to an all-encompassing brand strategy directing how you portray yourselves externally, but also how you operate internally.

Penguins logo example of brand development

Printed material

Although we specialise in digital, our inhouse team have lots of print experience. From business cards to brochures, leaflets to letterheads, it’s all part of your overall brand.

Printed material for Hospice UK

Taking it to the next level

Brand doesn’t have to stop at paper and digital. We have also stretched branding across things such as office graphics and even car livery.

Penguins branded car


When it comes to design, digital is our bread and butter. We’ve designed hundreds of websites, apps and emails for clients across all manor of sectors such as Education, Public Sector, Private Sector, Charity and many more.

Penguins digital design branding

Wrapping it up!

Brand should be at the heart of everything you do. Every brand should have a set of guidelines that define your visual style, tone of voice and set out any brand standards. We work with you to develop a set of guidelines which will ensure that your brand stays true and doesn’t get diluted.

Branded leaflets for Hospice UK