WordPress is a powerful open source content management system built in PHP and MySQL. Originally designed as a bogging platform, it has evolved into one of the most popular content management systems in the world. In fact, it's estimated that 25% of all websites globally use WordPress.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is perfect for anyone from the experienced and technically proficient to complete novices. If you've ever used Microsoft Word you’ll be flying with WordPress in no time at all. You can create pages and posts, format text with ease, add rich media content and publish to the world in just a few clicks.


With 75 million+ websites powered by WordPress standing out from the crowd is not easy. All our WordPress sites are individually designed using our complete web design process meaning each customer gets their own unique website. We take the time to understand your business and your customers to make sure the design give the best first impression.

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Whilst the WordPress core system packs a pretty powerful punch there are literally thousands of plugins that extend the possibilities to new heights. WordPress boasts the largest repository of plugins of any open source content management system which makes it possible to cost-effectively add new features to the site. If there isn’t something that already exists then we have a team of experienced developers who will hand code a solution that meets your needs.

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Search Engine Opitmisation

WordPress is widely known as one of the most SEO friendly CMS platforms. From the start it has been designed to comply with Google’s algorithms meaning that the CMS helps you keep up with best SEO practice. Even though we would love for you to use our SEO services it is also the number one choice of most SEO agencies so there won’t be an issue working with any third parties.

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Hosting & security

Fast hosting, site security and backup have been at the core of our business since day one. We recognise that a website is the first port of call for most of your customers so it needs to be reliable and perform well on all modern devices. All our sites are hosted on AWS so they can cope with spikes in traffic and secured with the latest best practices. We monitor all sites for uptime and suspicious activity. All sites are backed up daily should the worse happen.

Fast hosting and security

Customer interaction

Due to its origins as a former blogging platform interactivity is core to WordPress' functionality. A built in comments feature allows visitors to offer their feedback and start conversations on the content they view, transforming the site into a two-way platform for discussion. Add in quick polls, social media and more interactive features to ensure engagement levels remain high on your site.

Asset management

As a core CMS element you’ll have a central location for all of the images, self-hosted videos and audio files. The built in media gallery allows users to be able to view, sort, manage and edit media quickly and easily. Each image contains key information such as titles and SEO related titles, descriptions and alt-tags which remain fully editable and are easily accessed through the gallery style viewer.

User permissions

WordPress lets you mange your site in line with your defined internal hierarchy of website administrators whether you are team of 1 or 100. Set up roles & permissions to determine what different tasks your team can perform on the site. This could be any combination from simply writing/editing/deleting content to creating pages, editing the menu structure, defining links, managing comments, changing the appearance of the site and managing other users.

Did we mention it's free?

Wordpress is free of charge to download and always will be, you will never have to pay a license fee to use the system. Compared to most CMSs out there it represents the most cost effective solution available, allowing you to make your website investment go further.

Why Wordpress?

Used by some of the worlds biggest brands

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