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 Itineris Clients Get Their WordPress Websites Supported by Kinsta

Itineris Clients Get Their WordPress Websites Supported by Kinsta

Itineris clients are able to benefit from having their WordPress websites supported by Kinsta, one of the world’s best premium-managed WordPress hosts....
Tim Butcher,
Managing Director
Itineris Clients Get Their WordPress Websites Supported by Kinsta

Itineris clients are able to benefit from having their WordPress websites supported by Kinsta, one of the world’s best premium-managed WordPress hosts.

Kinsta Beta Crew
Kinsta Beta Crew

Kinsta is used by a range of international brands such as ASOS, Buffer and TripAdvisor and is made by WordPress experts, for WordPress experts. It offers a range of benefits including:

  • Exceptional security: Kinsta provides continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS attack detection, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and hardware firewalls to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks

  • Next generation infrastructure: Kinsta always has the latest framework versions installed and up-to-date so everything is integrated with our development stack, Roots

  • Daily backups: our sites are monitored and secured 24/7

  • Powered by Google: Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Everything is interconnected over Google’s premium tier network, designed to minimise distance and hops, resulting in fast and secure transport of data on our clients’ websites
  • Ultimate sever speeds: Kinsta uses state-of-the-art technology like Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB to make sure our websites load in the blink of an eye

Why we like it

With Kinsta, we can add new sites, deploy a staging server, clone a WordPress site, view detailed site analytics or request a migration all in one easy-to-use interface. It gives us staging and production sites at a click of a button, allowing us to focus on making websites whilst they handle performance and security.

Its servers and configurations are optimised specifically for WordPress and how it runs. If you have a WordPress site it makes perfect sense to have it hosted on Kinsta.

Kinsta outstrips all other hosts for performance

For the fourth year running, Kinsta has been rated the best company for performance across all tiers by Review Signal, the independent web hosting review site by Kevin Ohashi. Having a slow site can also impact your search rankings, not just the user experience, especially mobile speed.

The Kinsta cloud server offers an incredibly reliable hosting service for our clients. It is super quick, secure and very easy for us to manage. Not only is it simple to use, Kinsta offers a wealth of great features and a reliable support team that we lean on when we need it. Kinsta is one of the best premium managed WordPress hosts around.

Specific features we rate

  • The Kinsta MU plugin: this includes an awesome clear cache function, which enables us to cache every aspect of your site, thus improving its performance

  • SSL certificate generators: Generating SSL certificates is so easy with this Kinsta feature

  • Domain and DNS management: We can easily add domains to Kinsta and map domains to IP addresses

  • CDN: Kinsta offers its own Content Delivery Network service for delivering images, videos and other assets. This provides our customers with a separate website to store their assets on, which makes for much faster loading
  • PHP version control: the Kinsta dashboard has a button that allows us to change PHP versions extremely easily which helps us test security, performance and feature updates effectively

  • New Relic monitoring: Every site at Kinsta includes 720 daily uptime checks with its New Relic performance monitoring tool. This helps us instantly debug issues with third-party plugins, theme template files, database queries, external calls and coding errors that may be causing performance problems
  • Redirects: Kinsta provides a redirection tool from the dashboard which can perform a redirect before the user even reaches WordPress. This results in the fastest possible redirection times

  • IP blacklisting: Kinsta offers a simple tool on its dashboard allowing us to add in an IP address if we need to blacklist it from having access to your site

  • Find and replace: We can easily undertake a ‘find and replace’ in the database from the dashboard. This is great for accuracy and save a lot of time when transferring links and information from a staging site to a live environment
  • E-commerce functionality: ecommerce sites are very demanding as they generate a lot of data, as well as uncachable requests. Kinsta has optimisations in place to ensure smooth performance and functionality. This works especially well with WooCommerce

  • Support: the support we get from the Kinsta team is second-to-none; they are very quick to respond to our requests and very knowledgeable. The live chat is especially handy

  • Dashboard: we love the dashboard and clean user interface. We can look at server errors and access logs from the dashboard and can manage DNS settings from the dashboard
Kinsta Dashboard
Kinsta Dashboard

Why does your server matter?

A server is integral to running, reading and managing your website. Simplistically, without a server, you can’t view a website. As sites are coded in server-side languages like PHP, the server has to read the PHP code, calculate and generate the output based on what the code tells it to do. Whereas client-side languages like CSS and Javascript are calculated and output by your browser, not the server. 

The server is also important because we have to ensure that the server software and configurations are safe and up-to-date; otherwise you could run risks of bugs and hackers accessing your site.

The quality of the server can also make a big difference to how your website performs. It’s not just the physical quality of the server; it’s also the software and how things are configured on it that makes the difference. ​Kinsta stay on top of tweaking and optimising server configs, patches and software configs to provide an enterprise-quality server solution.

Even if you are viewing a website on a powerful device, it won’t change how fast the server can execute and function the server-side code. Fortunately, the Kinsta servers are blazing fast so this will rarely be an issue.

What’s next?

We are now in the Kinsta ‘Beta Crew’. As part of this, we get to test and feedback on new features and functionality, such as ‘hourly backups’ before they go live. We are able to have real impact on how certain features might look or work in MyKinsta.

Kinsta is just one part of our premium WordPress service we offer to our clients. We also use the Roots development stack, which enables us to apply cutting-edge WordPress processes, techniques and standards to our sites.

Our WordPress development team in the UK is ever growing and our activities are further supported by some of the best freelance WordPress developers in the world.

We are also continuing to grow our WordPress service with bespoke plugin and theme development, third party API integrations, event management systems and payment gateway solutions to offer a complete WordPress enterprise solution to our clients.

If you are looking for a new WordPress site, or want to take your existing WordPress site to the next level, talk to us.