WordPress expands with Roots sponsorship

We are pleased to announce our new sponsorship of Roots, the global open-source stack for professional WordPress developers. Utilising the Roots platform has enabled us to adopt a modern workflow and apply cutting-edge WordPress processes, techniques and standards, all of which have been created by some of the world’s best WordPress experts.

Itineris partners with Roots

We have been using Roots for a while now but this recent move to become a partner is a reflection of our desire to provide a truly exceptional WordPress experience for our clients. 

The Roots stack is constantly evolving through its community of worldwide expert contributors. As sponsors, we will be at the core of this cutting edge WordPress knowledge and technology.

What is Roots?

Roots has powered some of the most popular WordPress sites in the world including Mercedes-Benz, UPS, Amnesty International and NASA. The Roots partnership highlights our continued growth in first-class WordPress development.

Roots offers advanced standards and tools that provide excellent stability and enhanced performance for our WordPress clients. 

The way the three stacks work together provides an easy way for our team to collaborate as a group and it gives us complete control over our processes. This co-creation contributes towards a bigger product in the end, which makes Roots one of the best WordPress tools available.

Where we have used Roots

We have used Roots to deliver several high profile sites in recent months, including Squared, the digital marketing leadership course developed with Google and GenCell Energy, the international fuel cell company that provides affordable, clean backup power for telecom, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries.

The Roots sponsorship is part of our ongoing programme to provide the best WordPress solutions possible, which also includes a recent partnership with Kinsta, the dedicated managed WordPress hosting provider.

For more information on how we can take your WordPress site to the next level, please email [email protected] or call 01473 760050.

Written by

Marketing Manager

Rechenda Smith
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