Why site structure is so important

Having the right structure to your website is important from a usability perspective and also for SEO reasons. A badly structured site will be difficult to use and will not rank well within search engines. 

As part of our 4D process we run our ACE exercise as an engaging, interactive session with our clients. The exercise uses sticky notes to brainstorm who the website audiences are, to consider the content that we should deliver to them, and understand what experiences we want users to have on the website. This is the first step towards delivering an effective, user focused, site structure and avoids a common pitfall of developing a structure that mirrors internal departments or focuses solely on internal requirements. 

One of our skilled project managers will facilitate the exercise, challenge perceptions and make recommendations based on industry insight and knowledge. The outcome of the exercise is a sitemap proposal that is then refined. 

The structure of your website is very important to the success of SEO campaigns. We generally recommend that your products or services are top level menu options. These would be key traffic pages and sub pages from them would generally elaborate and re-enforce on the information provided. 

The key to developing a good website structure is to keep your customer in the mind when developing the hierarchy. Don’t put important information too deep so that it is difficult to find, have it right in the face of users from the moment they hit your site. Also keep all sub menu items relevant to the top menu item. 

Written by

Digital Director

Matt Horsup
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