Synature New corporate identity thanks to itineris

Synature provide psychological profiling tools that are fun and engaging for the consumer delivering unprecedented insight into individual attitudes and preferences.

With their company name derived from 'synapses' (brain connections) and 'nature', Synature wanted a corporate identity and a new website which could portray them as both technologically advanced and human, as their technology taps into the power of people. As a new company it was important to get the branding right from the outset and so itineris were brought in to offer their expertise in developing compelling brands.

itineris worked initially at a strategic level to understand Synature's values and positioning.  A broad selection of concepts were explored for the new identity.  The chosen concept demonstrates the company's connection to people and was further developed to a final version for both print and digital media.

John Woods, CEO of Synature said: “itineris were invaluable in developing our branding and online presence. In addition to contributing valued ideas and insight they have shown real understanding of our technology and marketplace. The level of service we received was exemplary and as such I have no hesitation in recommending them.

As the Head of Digital Marketing, Matt is responsible for creating the sales and marketing strategy for Itineris.

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