How to start a digital strategy

All too often companies are keen to skip to the detail of a digital strategy by asking very specific questions such as ‘should we be using twitter, if so how, when, how often, etc.’ Rather than reviewing and clearly identifying their objectives. 

I would suggest that time would be well spent initially defining two specific areas, objectives and audiences:

  • Setting clear objectives – really get to grips with your objectives, exactly what are they, how will you measure them, how will they affect your bottom line, (we sometime see objectives that are more to do with vanity rather that tangible added value eg: ‘my MD wants us to be number one in google is a frequent request’), are they achievable, what are your budget constraints, is the budget adequate to achieve these objectives or do you need to prioritise them accordingly.  
  • Typically your objectives may include items such as: increasing brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, new markets, cost cutting, cross selling and up-selling to name a few.
  • Target audiences – really understand them. Who are they, what do they look like, age, gender, buying habits, where are they in your their buying cycle. Profiling your audience types will provide valuable insights to their areas such as, their motivation, how to engage them, their challenges, how are they influenced by creative design, their barriers to making a purchase and from a digital perspective understanding their online habits will be crucial.

By understanding these two areas from the outset will enable a digital strategy to form from a solid foundation.

Written by

Digital Director

Matt Horsup
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