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 Why SEO is more than just rankings

Why SEO is more than just rankings

SEO… It’s more than just rankings! This post answers a lot of the common misconceptions surrounding SEO.
Lee Hanbury-Pickett,
Senior Developer
Why SEO is more than just rankings

What is SEO?

SEO is the method in which we use to improve natural rankings within search results thus increasing your sites traffic. This definition isn’t far wrong… However, unfortunately many of people think that is all SEO is about. 

Don’t get me wrong SEO is the best method of improving your natural rankings and, if the keywords are chosen correctly you will find that the traffic to your site will grow and conversions will increase, but, that isn’t all that SEO is about. It now incorporates so many different areas…

SEO has evolved

Over the years SEO has evolved faster than any other industry I can think of, there are thousands of new developments every year to the way we practice, this is why it’s so difficult to predict.

Over the past 12 years Google has changed and updated its algorithm 458 times with some major changes! This doesn’t include all the little packs of 50 updates it does every few months. Those 458 updates are key game changers within the industry, that works out to on average 38 major updates a year!

Google as a search engine is a business, and the people who use it are their clients… That’s how Google sees it. Every update you find will always refer to making it better for the user… this has meant SEO professionals have had to evolve with it, ensuring that websites now aren’t optimised for the search engines. They are user focused which in turn will future proof and ensure that the site is optimised for search at the same time.

2011 was referred to as the year of social…This meant we had to adapt again! SEO professionals started dabbling more into the social media side of the industry. 2012 was deemed the year of the mobile which meant that we had to adapt to the mobile side of SEO. So as an SEO professional I can safely say that adaption is our forte!

What has SEO become

We’ve just seen how SEO has grown and developed and the speed at which it does it, but, all this leads to something… SEO has now become much more than just rankings and traffic. It’s turned into a full circle industry, you have to understand social media, copywriting, user experience and even to a degree pay per click in order to get the best results. With the term ‘digital marketing’ now becoming just ‘marketing’ it is vital we understand a 360° approach and SEO has huge implication on your whole strategy. If you would like any more information on how we can help you with your SEO Campaign please let us know.