RAF100 ‘brand take over’ boosts visits

One of the UK’s leading military landmark destinations saw a 32% rise in new visitors to its website after launching an online campaign to honour the RAF’s 100th birthday. The Royal Air Force Museum appointed longstanding digital marketing agency Itineris to create a new look and feel to its website to reflect the RAF 100 celebrations between 1st April and 31st October 2018. 

RAF brand take over

During the RAF100 ‘take over’ the site saw a big boost to users with an increase of 32%, compared with the same period in 2017. 

Implementing the centenary brand

The Museum needed to ensure its website reflected the look and feel of the RAF’s centenary brand, whilst continuing to act as a highly effective marketing tool for the Museum itself. 

Paul Hudson-Knight, Head of Marketing for the Royal Air Force Museum, said: “On 1 April 2018 the Royal Air Force celebrated its 100th birthday. To mark this occasion, we launched a new online identity to reflect this important milestone. Our new look site helped celebrate the work the RAF whilst increasing the number of web visitors and helping convert these visitors into subscribers. The new redesign helped us achieve success in these areas; we are very pleased with the results.”

About the Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum’s purpose is to tell the story of the RAF through its people and collections. Established in 1968, as the landmark legacy of the RAF’s 50th anniversary, the award-winning RAF Museum is a National Museum with two public sites at Colindale, North-West London and Cosford in the West Midlands. Each site offers a unique experience for visitors while encompassing the whole RAF story. 

Other results

Not only did the redesign help boost web visitors significantly during the campaign period, but we were also able to help reduce the bounce rate of the newsletter page, which was identified as a key page for generating and retaining interest in the RAF Museum. Through effective page design, we were able to reduce the bounce rate of this page by 30%, thus encouraging users to sign up and venture further into the site.

Written by

Marketing Manager

Rechenda Smith
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