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 New online presence for Havens Hospices

New online presence for Havens Hospices

Our new WordPress site for Havens Hospices is now live! Many congratulations to the whole team involved in creating this beautiful and...
New online presence for Havens Hospices

Our new WordPress site for Havens Hospices is now live! Many congratulations to the whole team involved in creating this beautiful and engaging site.

We worked with the Havens Hospices communications and marketing team to help transform the Hospice’s online presence, using a new brand created by We Are Fred.

We undertook audience segmentation, user journeys as well as a service drill down to really understand the digital objectives of the Hospice and to create a solid digital web strategy that would support its aims.

How we helped transition the brand

Upon receipt of the brand, we ran the guidelines through our digital suitability process. This assessed how the colours, fonts and brand identity could be used online.

We then agreed with the client our recommendations on the best ways to implement the digital design strategy and what rules needed to be set to make sure the site was AA compliant.  

From this, we applied brand elements (shapes, imagery and typography) in the UI stage to the agreed structure that we outlined in the strategy and the UX stages. The end result has been a joined-up and consistent roll-out of the a digital brand that perfectly complements the original offline brand concept.

Itineris provides new enterprise-level WordPress site to Havens Hospice

A new enterprise-level CMS

A key part of the digital strategy also included transitioning the Hospice over to a brand new enterprise-level WordPress CMS and payment system.

The Hospice must raise over £100,000 each week to run and the website has a large part to to play in helping to raise these vital funds.

From promoting events, providing an easy event registration process, enabling regular giving and one-off donations, to promoting community giving, corporate partnerships, and the Weekly Draw, the user experience has to be simple and seamless.

We built a bespoke site for Havens Hospices which included modules for repeater blocks, page banners, content blocks, expanding info boxes, news and events, a donation banner, case studies, lottery results, ‘meet the team sliders’, a shop finder and upcoming courses, to name but a few. We also provided the Hospice with a form builder and managed all page redirects before deployment.

Donate form, new Havens Hospice website

What the client said

We really enjoyed working on this project for the Hospice, and were very pleased to receive this fantastic review:

“Having worked with Itineris for more than five years, we knew we were in good hands when we broached them with our new brand project.

Originally, we wanted to keep with our existing CMS but Itineris made a strong case for us to switch to a more robust system that would not only display our brand effectively, but also create a more seamless pathway for our users which include patients, their families and supporters.

Itineris took our brand at a very early stage of the process because of the tight timeline we had requested, but translated this perfectly for online which did help set the tone for the rest of the project. Itineris worked closely with our creative agency, We Are Fred, which helped to speed up the project and we had weekly phone calls and a dedicated dashboard so we could ensure that we were all on track.

We also implemented a new payment system that integrates directly with our CRM. This was new territory, so we set aside plenty of time for testing to make sure donations and registrations were taken correctly, but it also looked aesthetically on brand too.

The end of result is a professional, clean and functional website but still feels like ‘us.”

Amy Dearing, Head of Communications and Marketing, Havens Hospices