Mobile development using MonoTouch

Everyone's talking about mobile apps. And we've just put the finishing touches to our latest creation – built for the Ipswich Business Improvement District. The ‘All About Ipswich’ mobile app contains a directory of local businesses, their locations and any offers they're promoting.

all about ipswich app screenshots

Location, location, location

To make it really useful, we designed the app to make full use of GPS. It plots the user's location, providing them with relevant offers from businesses that are close at hand. It also provides simple-to-follow directions. The app is currently only available for Apple iOS, but we'll soon be launching a version for Google Android.

Going native with MonoTouch

When we were putting together the initial concepts for the app, it was clear we needed to make full use of the phone's other features, such as compass, camera and Passbook. Rather than following the current trend of building a hybrid app, we went all out and built a native app for each platform!

We develop most of our websites and applications using Microsoft .Net. So, the obvious choice for building the 'All About Ipswich' app was Xamarin MonoTouch. It allows you to create cross-platform native code using C# & .Net, which means a short learning curve and fast results.

MonoTouch is an excellent application plus the community support is great. If you're a developer, I recommend you give it a go. If you're not a developer, give us a call. We'll be happy to create the perfect app for you.

Tim Butcher
Tim Butcher
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Tim is the Managing Director of Itineris with over 20 year's technical experience in developing websites.

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