itineris help to promote Sri Lankan businesses
Serendib 2006 was a three day exhibition held from the 21st to 23rd June to showcase the best that Sri Lankan businesses have to offer. Over 60 exhibitors were carefully selected to represent the imagination, creativity, quality and capabilities of Sri Lanka's export led economy.

Business to Business Exhibitions Limited, the event organisers, approached itineris to provide a bespoke event management solution to promote and manage all event activities. The solution needed to provide full information on the event and enable companies to pre-arrange face-to-face meetings with Sri Lankan delegates against specific timetables. Delgates could also book places at the event seminars and manage both elements in their own secure 'my account' area.

The website itineris created is informative, colourful and user-friendly. Working with an existing brand, itineris senior designer Mike London aimed to reflect the country and its many export attractions through the website. He said:

"This was a business event, so the website needed to look professional. But at the same time we felt it needed to reflect the vibrancy, the beauty and the overall appeal of Sri Lanka. The best way to do this was with a few choice colours. I think we achieved our aims and the client was happy with the look we came up with."

As the Head of Digital Marketing, Matt is responsible for creating the sales and marketing strategy for Itineris.

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