Is Email Marketing Lazy Marketing?

That was the question posed in a lively debate run by B2B Marketing and Mardev on the 18th September. At itineris, we love debate; hence our decision to sponsor the event.

The debate kicked off with the argument that <a href="/services">email marketing</a> is lazy marketing made by Paul Leffbridge of Marketing Improvement. Paul argued that the way people use the medium makes it lazy.

He said that while emails broadcasts can be created and deployed in a matter of minutes to large volumes of recipients for very low cost; the rapid nature of the deployment leads to many pitfalls. He suggested that it is easy to do damage to your brand, or even worse get blacklisted by companies and ISPs from sending further campaigns.

Countering the argument, Fabio Torlini, Marketing Director of Rackspace put forward the case that email marketing is core to Rackspace's marketing plan and gives them the tools they need to communicate with their potential and existing customers in the most measurable and effective medium. In short, he felt the problem wasn't that email marketing is lazy marketing rather the people sending the emails could be lazy.

There are some lazy marketers using email and it's true that Spam is a problem we all face in our inboxes, but permission-based email marketing should never be confused with Spam. In the right hands, email marketing is an immensely powerful tool for customer acquisition, customer retention, brand building and cross selling. With email, like many digital media, it's about opening a conversation not just delivering a message.

Question: Is Email Marketing Lazy Marketing?
Answer: Only when the marketer hasn't bothered or isn't able to do the 'thinking' first the case for all marketing channels.

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