.NET magazine makeover
The online presence of the Avalore Freefly school needed a new look, so .NET magazine we invited Mike London, a senior designer at itineris to work his magic.

Say "freeflying" and it evokes excitement and exhilaration. You expect a lot from a website touting the strapline "Turning Your World Upside Down", but while the Avalore Freefly site has some good content, it doesn't live up to the promise. With half a million other sites worldwide containing the term "freefly", the Avalore site needs to deliver otherwise visitors will go elsewhere.

Avalore trains people to "freefly" (skydiving at high speeds) so their customers tend to be adrenaline junkies. The challenge with this site is to deliver an engaging brand experience for the target audience that ensures Avalore use this sales channel in an effective way. We will focus on five areas: brand identity, brand experience, navigation and usability, freefly community and revenue generation.

As the Head of Digital Marketing, Matt is responsible for creating the sales and marketing strategy for Itineris.

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