Dornack wheels in motion online

A member of The Ziegler Group of Companies, Dornack International Limited is an international freight forwarding company with offices across the UK.

Dornack approached itineris as they felt they had simply outgrown their old website. They wanted a modern look, a simple feel, and strong imagery which gave the user a strong sense of the Dornack brand. itineris quickly got to work to fulfil the requirements.

The final, cost-effective, solution was designed to provide full details of the company, the services they offer and contact information. Dornack now have a website with a clear brand image that reflects their status as part of The Ziegler Group, one of the foremost European forwarding and transport organisations, with wholly owned offices and subsidiaries in Europe, USA and Africa.

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As the Head of Digital Marketing, Matt is responsible for creating the sales and marketing strategy for Itineris.

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