Business to Business Meet The Buyers rebranded

Business to Business Exhibitions Limited has been successfully running 'Meet the Buyers' events for the last 14 years. Their events are proven to save months of research, travel, wasted meetings and cold calling by bringing people 'face-to-face' with the very people they need to meet.

The overall brand was in need of a face-lift. The company wanted a stronger brand which would enhance the perceived value of their events. They selected itineris to provide brand consultancy and design services.

itineris first recognised the need to simplify and strengthen the overall Meet the Buyers branding. Different styles of corporate literature were in danger of diluting the brand, and there was a clear need for uniformity. After creating initial concepts, the selected design was developed further to final artwork stage. itineris additionally drew up a brand guidelines document to accompany the literature they created, which would ensure the company could carry the branding through in future documents and events.

As the Head of Digital Marketing, Matt is responsible for creating the sales and marketing strategy for Itineris.

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